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Brook St Remodel

We started this project being only the 2nd owners of this house in the Brook Creek neighborhood.  This 1025 sqft house had barely been touched since it was built in 1958.  It had a single window air conditioner in the kitchen, original cabinets which were rusting away, broken appliances, crumbling plumbing, NO insulation in the attic, out of code electrical, a broken garage door, molding carpet, old windows and overgrown gardens.  In the backyard, it had 7 types of poison ivy and was flooding/washing away after a sewer line replacement.  This project took 2 months of labor, but is an amazing transformation.

Not much was needed on the exterior, as it was in fairly good shape.  Not shown, we painted the shutters and front door, landscaped back the bushes, and replaced the garage door.

The kitchen received the most work.  It required an all new electrical panel and wiring, new lights, plumbing, appliances, including a fancy stacking washer/dryer.  It got ikea shaker cabinets, LED lights and granite countertops.

The before was shockingly bad- the carpet was falling apart, cabinets were rusting off, the electrical was dangerous, appliances were all broken, the giant island made it hard to move, and the room was incredibly dark.  

The backyard was hard to take a 'before' photo of, because of the massive overgrowth of 7 types of poison ivy.  It was cleared out, and a terrace created.  A sewer line replacement had caused the yard to wash away, so that was repaired and smoothed.  Several small trees were removed to create a useable area.

The living room got new paint, a ceiling fan, a front door, tile and electrical.  

the bedrooms received new paint, engineered wood flooring, and ceiling fans were added.

The bathroom was an easy spot...we fixed up the vanity, replaced the toilet with a dual flush one, painted the room and added backsplash tile.

The hallway's new tile, paint and lighting makes it so much brighter!

the new HVAC system is hidden in the hall closet

in these 1950's homes, the washer/dryer must fit into the kitchen.  We chose a stacking front loader set that just barely fit the space.

We left and painted the bookshelves in one of the bedrooms

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