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Who we are: Matt Herbert & Rachael Sudlow, a husband & wife team born & raised in Lawrence Kansas. Other than extreme jobs that require professional services (HVAC installs, sewer work, major electrical), we are the ONLY ones running our business, so we pride ourselves on quality, personal care. When we do hire out, we use experienced, local companies.


Our business model: At Present, we own several houses and manage several more.  Unlike many of the Lawrence 'slumlords', we pride ourselves on having very nice homes - almost every one of the properties that we own started out as a run-down foreclosure that we completely gutted and remodeled to be a very nice home.  We find that, while obviously the quality of the home dictates the ability to charge higher rents, it also often determines the quality of tenant.  Since we opened as a business in 2008, the average time one of our properties has remained vacant between renters is a matter of days.  


As Landlords: Our business phone is also our personal cell phone, so like it or not, we can usually answer the phone 24/7 & be available if you have issues any time. We're always connected via phone, text or email. Having a young child ourselves, we always want to keep the houses we run in quality, safe shape.


Property Management Services
As of Spring 2020, we have decided to suspend accepting new clients for property managing.  We have hit what we consider a 'good' amount of properties to maintain and feel like expanding further is not something we need at this time.  If you have any questions, feel free to email us

The Renting Process
For our properties, we try to choose the best tenant fit for each home.  We start by accepting applications and when possible, providing a youtube video tour of the house.  Once we have an application, we look it over to check that the basic needs are met (income, rental history, # of pets).  At that point, we schedule an in person showing to meet applicants and let them view the property.  Once candidates have viewed the property and expressed interest in proceeding, only then do we call previous landlords and employment references.  At this time, we may ask applicants to submit a credit and/or background check.  Once approved, we ask that prospective tenants send a deposit to hold the property till move in.
If you have any questions, feel free to email us

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