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Pet Policy

One time NON refundable $300 pet fee applies & will cover all animals for the entirety of your lease. 
Additionally we do a one time REFUNDABLE $300 pet deposit.
We do not discriminate against breeds.
No weight limit on dogs.
We DO limit the number of pets, and take this on a case by case basis.
No pet fee needed for small exclusively caged birds (finches, canary, etc), parrots DO require a pet fee.
Aquariums above 20 gallons allowed on 1st floor of houses only
All animals must be spayed, neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccinations.
Renters insurance required and must cover all pets and liability due to pets.
No breeding operations.

Animals must be housebroken.  No puppies without notice (additional charges may apply).
Chickens & ducks must follow city code- no roosters, limit qty, & must not be allowed inside
Service animals & ESA's must provide appropriate documentation.  

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