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A special piece to honor those in the zipper club!

Inspired by my lovely young cousin, Tyler, who suffers from hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a heart defect that he has had from birth. Congenital Heart Defects are the #1 birth defect & create challenges for both the person and their family & friends. My thoughts are with anyone who suffers or knows someone who does. For each of these sold, a donation is made to CHD related charities.

a sterling silver handcut heart has been zipped up by a sterling and copper zipper. The zipper moves and wiggles as you wear it. The back of the heart is signed with my 'sudlow' signature. It slides along the sterling silver chain.

I can initials on the top edge for free!

The pendant measures 7/8" tall and just under 1" wide

Comes in a little gift box, perfect for gifting

Zipper Heart Necklace

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